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How To Earn Strokes!?!
Posted by: PlayStroke, 2012-11-14, 04:13 - 1 comments

Hi guys,

Below is the list of few activities by which you can earn some easy strokes(PlayStroke points). Whenever you earn strokes you will see a notification on the top-right corner of the screen.

1. Playing a game        :  10 strokes.
2. Rating a game         :  5 strokes
3. Posting a comment  :   5 strokes
4. Referring a friend     :  100 strokes
5. Submitting a highscore : 10 strokes
6. Challenging a friend to beat your highscore : 10 strokes

Earn as many strokes as possible while enjoying our cool collection of free online games.

Earn Points and Win Prizes!!
Posted by: PlayStroke, 2012-05-26, 00:00 - 0 comments

Updated on 15th October 2012

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to announce that we have launched a loyalty Rewards program on PlayStroke. In this rewards program you can win cool gifts by redeeming reward points.
To earn points simply click on the Rewards tab which is displayed on the top right corner of our homepage, news section, and games categories, and login with your facebook account to enter the program. You earn 100 points for visiting our games site everyday, and also extra points for sharing our website with your friends on social networking sites.

The prizes are limited to one prize per winner and there are a total of four prizes to choose depending on the total number of reward points that you've earned. So try to earn as many points as you can to be the first one to win a gift.

We are engaged in constant efforts to provide you with even bigger and easy to win prizes. Please let all your friends know about our free online games at, and this in-turn will help us to serve you better!

Best Regards,
Team PlayStroke

GTW : Travian Multiplayer
Posted by: PlayStroke, 2012-05-15, 00:00 - 0 comments

Game of The Week : Travian

Overview : Travian is a massive multiplayer strategy game and is one of the most played browser games on the planet. In this game you need to develop your own empire, train troops, and fight with other players to rule the world! It is quite easy to contact players to form allies so that you can send or receive help when needed, or just wait until someone contacts you to join them. If you are active in the game then you will surely receive a lot of requests from ally owners and moderators to join their respective alliances.

There are three tribes to choose from -
Romans, Gauls, and Teutons.

Romans - Roman tribe is considered to be the most balanced tribe of all. They consume the most resources to develop the villages, and train troops, but the efforts are worth every bit. Romans have this special power of upgrading a resource tile as well as constructing a building at the same time. This tribe is recommended for intermediate level players who are already familiar with the game of Travian.

Gauls - Gaul tribe is considered to be the most defensive tribe amongst all, however their lightning fast cavalry unit can attack any enemy by surprise. Life is cool in this kind of tribe as your enemies will definitely think twice or thrice before attacking you. Only Gauls know how to build traps in the village. This tribe is recommended for beginners.

Teutons - Teutons are the most offensive tribes of all. They can probably go attacking from as early as day one. Clubswinger's are the cheapest offensive unit to train in the village. Teutons are considered as perfect raiders and are always in a mood to expand their territory. Choose this tribe only if you are an experienced player or if you love playing offensive game.

Overall, Travian is a very exciting strategy game where you will always have something new to do. Simply register for free and start playing now :)

Our Rating : 5 out of 5

Your Rating : Login to give rating.

Game Link : Click HERE to play.

Do invite all your friends to play this game and form an indestructible alliance in the game.

Please Note - If you don't like playing war games or strategy games then you may not like this game. We suggest you to check out other cool games on!

Happy Gaming,
Team PlayStroke

GTM : Basketball Dare
Posted by: PlayStroke, 2012-05-04, 00:00 - 0 comments

Game of The Month: Basketball Dare

Overview : This is a physics based sports game where you have to shoot the ball into the basket in as few number of attempts as possible. All you have to do is set the power and angle to shoot the ball into the basket. To shoot the ball, hold the left click on the ball and drag it to set the power and angle as desired. Release the left click to shoot the ball.

There are 35 interesting challenges to complete and be the highscorer. You earn 1000 bonus points for each challenge if you clear the level in one attempt, and 200 points are deducted from your score for each shot missed.

Let's see whether you can finish the game in least number of attempts and become the highscorer or not. Good luck!

Our Rating : 5 out of 5

Your Rating : Login to rate the game

Game Link : Click HERE to play.

Do tell your friends about this game and see if they can beat your highscore!

Happy Gaming,
Team PlayStroke

GTW : Xpeed Unleashed
Posted by: PlayStroke, 2012-04-24, 00:00 - 0 comments

Game of The Week: Xpeed Unleashed

Overview : Flying cars are the future of this world! Unleash the super high speeds in this futuristic 3D car racing game.

It might take a while to get adjusted to these super high speeds but once you get used to it you will push the limits to win the race. Use arrow keys to drive. Avoid the red speed busters and fly through the blue boosters to gain extra speed.

If you love racing then you will definitely like this game and we also hope that you own such a flying car in future. Good luck ;-)

Our Rating : 5 out of 5

User Rating : Login to rate Xpeed Unleashed

Game Link : Click HERE to play.

Do share this cool 3D racing game with your friends (:

Happy Gaming,
Team PlayStroke

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